How We Helped a Café Owner To connect his food chain Over the State and to also connect with other café and restaurant, to grow their Sales multiple times

Challenge – The owner of frefgo approached us with the problem of having to connect their outlets while the order was placed by the customers, they had to manually allocate their nearest outlet to customer and provide them with the order details. They needed something so that customers order details can directly be sent to the nearest outlet available around them. Solution – We gave them the idea of getting the software where his customer would be able to order foods from them as well as other café or restaurants available nearby. In this software, customer’s geolocation will be fetched using geo tracking and all the available restraunts nearby will be shown to them and upon clicking on the restraint, their menu page will appear and by just clicking on items they want, they could order from it and also do the payment with the help of this app. Outcome – We built this multivendor app for frefgo, to unite all the café and restaurant owners. With the help of this app, we connected to different cafés and restaurants and put them all in a single marketplace where anyone can order any food from anywhere with just a click on their smartphones. The things were not just simplified and easy but also provided them with a solution that would scale with them as they continued to grow. Some of the features used – Profile Users can create and edit basic profile information that’s visible to other users. Good for building identities and helping users recognise each other. Dashboard See a summary of how the business is performing over different time periods. Uses two key metrics for deeper understanding, such as sales, cashflow, recent activity, no. of users signed up. Api Integration Integrate another piece of software with the product so they talk to each other by automatically sending and receiving data. You can then use or make the data and software available to users. Example: Using Google Maps API to help users find their location. Catalogue View images, related information such as price, add to a collection or cart. Users can then see a list of items in one place. Loyalty System Offer discounts and rewards to users based on how much they use your product. Often used to help build customer loyalty and increase the number of active users. MultiVendor MarketPlace An e-commerce platform that empowers multiple vendors to sell their products from one storefront. Multivendor store gives shoppers a huge catalog to choose from and provides sellers with a bigger base of ready-to-buy customers.

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