How Kilogram Daily connected all the other vendors

Challenge- Kilogram daily saw a problem in the market that there was no platform where people can order different items from different vendors and get delivery of all the product at once. They wanted every vendor to come at a platform which gives better service to the consumers. Solution- To help them, we created an app where the UI is customizable, easy product management and multiple vendors can sign up. In this app we created an end for SuperAdmin from where they can monitor every other vendor, customers and delivery boy. An end for the Admin which is the Vendor where he/she can manage their inventories, customers etc. An end for customer where he can add the product to the cart, pay for the product and track the product. An end for delivery boy so that he can get the order details and pick and drop the product to the customers. With all these ends, it became easy management for Kilogram Daily and helped them grow each and every day. Some of the features used Search Enter search queries and see related results from your database. Users can click/tap on results to view the result in more detail. Coupon Code Generator Create coupon codes to be used for the product. This feature is often used to attract shoppers wanting a bargain, and to build brand loyalty and improve customer experience. Catalogue View images, related information such as price, add to a collection or cart. Users can then see a list of items in one place. Shopping Cart Shows all items that have been added to a cart. A single place where users can increase, decrease or remove items. Dashboard See a summary of how the business is performing over different time periods. Uses two key metrics for deeper understanding, such as sales, cashflow, recent activity. Categories & Sub categories Use categories and subcategories to organise and group data, products, listings or posts. Helps manage large amounts of data, and can benefit users when they want to search and filter items. Shipping Charge Calculator Offer users a way to calculate the costs of shipping their item. Add weight and dimensions and get an estimate based on local providers' rates.

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